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Originally Posted by Desert1957 View Post
I thought about this idea on my crew cab , but it would be the lowest thing hanging down . not sure if you have an issue if you could ever stop the fuel flow to the ground.
I thought about that and considered a ball valve at each tank. It wouldnít have to sit too low if the bulkhead attached to the tank bottom were cast or shaped nearly flat. And the manifold pipe was slender and wider. The bulkhead could even have a curve matching the tank bottom leaving the tank the lowest still. It doesnít take much in pipe diameter. I used 3/4 PVC on my water barrels and the level stayed even between both as fast as a full flowing garden hose could put it in one. Even if the fitting opening was an inch or so above the bottom line of the tanks who cares. So you donít get a gallon out of the tank without the pick up. You donít get that anyway with the pick up tube or really donít want to get it since any water goes to the bottom if there were any. So 19 or 39 gallons if both tanks are 20 gallons. Iíll have to research a weld in bung fitting to accept an AN fitting. Heck it could be any fitting type so long as it sealed fuel. I almost have myself talked into trying it. As long as you could route the line across the chassis without having any part above the lower tank bung it would work. A couple service valves and presto. My chassis is in blasting and paint. Iíll look at it when I get it back.
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Re: dual tanks with late model EFI?

The later model c10s from i think 83 to 87, i have a 86, the transfer valve can handle up to 65 psi iinstalled a msd efi on my 86 put a pump in each tank and wired the power to the pump through the switch on dash using an 87 switch, if you have an 87 should be easy the early model c10 had a low pressure valve but new is good to go
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