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TAC Module for Vortec - Drive By Wire - '04 SUV

Gentlemen, thanks for the previous help with the 5.3 wiring from my 2004 Buick Rainer (Trailblazer chassis - Blue/Green ECM) donor. With you guys ideas and expertise, I determined this plug was for the TAC module

Unfortunately, now I realize, I didn't get the TAC module from my doner.

To make matters worse, I already purchased what I believed was the pedal for my application, and built this fancy pedal bracket for it. Doesn't it look nice?

Now my problem is that I'm not sure which TAC module to purchase. All the ones I find on Ebay and elsewhere, have a pedal with them that looks nothing like mine. The Wiring Connection doesn't even appear to be the same. Mine is clearly a six pin, in a row.
Online I find two different pedals for the Buick Rainer, but both have that 6 pin connection

I called a dozen salvage yards, and can't fine one of these V8 SUVs

I spoke to Ryan at and he's convinced I need to change out the entire setup for the Truck TAC and Pedal. Obviously, I want to avoid cutting out the pedal if possible.

Anyone with experience, or maybe a vehicle in this range (2004) can see what their pedal connection looks like.

I might be able to just purchase one of these, but I don't want to cut out the pedal bracket if I don't have to.

Maybe I could rewire/solder the connection to make it work.
Any help is appreciated.

What I'm finding on Ebay:

Thanks guys.

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