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Old 02-06-2018, 08:07 PM   #1
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Going Manual

I want to convert my automatic 57 3100 to a 4 speed manual with manual clutch. What clutch / brake pedal set will work best?

I am also relocating the MC to the firewall.

thanks in advance....
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Re: Going Manual

cant help on what you need but I love my manuals....
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Re: Going Manual

Why not go hydraulic?

I picked up a pedal assembly from a Jeep awhile back. It looks like it's going to work great for moving pedals from the floor to the firewall.

I know there is alot of kits out there, but I believe it can be done with parts right off the shelf.
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Old 02-07-2018, 01:11 PM   #4
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Re: Going Manual

I have a Toyota "GASP" Clutch Master, which I picked up for dirt cheap. I like it because of the metal housing and adjustable rod. Most late model stuff is plastic.

It uses Metric fittings, so an adapter will me necessary.
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Old 02-07-2018, 08:10 PM   #5
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Re: Going Manual

I don't have advice for the pedals, but many of the OEM GM hydraulic master/slave combinations have a restriction built into the system to prevent rapid clutch release and the matching driveline shock. It also prevents fast shifting. Other manufacturer may do the same. If you opt for an OE system, I recommend checking for a restriction in the hydraulic lines.

FWIW, my '89 Turbo Sunbird had a restriction in the end of the fitting at the slave cylinder. I drilled it out and the car shifted like it had an old-fashioned mechanical clutch linkage.
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Old 02-08-2018, 07:18 PM   #6
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Re: Going Manual

Check my build thread. Very happy with my 5-speed and hydraulic clutch. Master on the firewall & a slave cylinder below attached to the bell housing instead of a hydraulic throw out bearing (not a big fan of those).

Only thing I wish I had been able to solve was to be able to use the stock (through the floor) clutch pedal. I started mine almost 5 years ago, so I think there are some newer, better solutions available for a pedal cluster for hyd. clutch and brake pedal. I think I saw something at Speedway?
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Old 02-08-2018, 10:47 PM   #7
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Re: Going Manual

Probably the whole pedal setup out of a mini truck with a hydraulic clutch and a booster on the master cylinder would be your best bet.
Mechanical linkage to the clutch could be done but that would be the hardest part of the whole swap and probably send you down the driveway screaming before it was done.

I went out and looked under the hood of my 92 Dakota donor rig and it has the biggest ugliest booster you can imagine. no sign of the clutch linkage so it must be a cable that runs down through the floor. That might work with a small booster and be reasonable clean on the firewall though.
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Re: Going Manual

There are a few chassis builders that have both the clutch and brake levers coming through the floor. Art Morrison has a setup, might be worth giving them a call and see if they sell the setup.
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