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Re: Diy 4x

His description makes perfect sense.

I don't think you're the type that needs or even would benefit from longer springs.
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Re: Diy 4x

I have heard nothing but good stuff about DIY4X. Yes I agree I'm not what would be considered a usual customer.

My first 4x4 was a 71K10 with an all softride springs lift. Liked it a lot, but had nothing to compare it to. Later I purchased 73K20 and a 71K20 at the same time from my neighbor that had recently retired. He was original owner of both trucks. The 73 was just an all around much more comfortable ride. So wanting to have my current 68K20 (all 72 underneath) ride more like my old 73 seems like a reasonable desire to me. Id call that a benefit for my "type" of 4x4 owner.

But in the end Im gonna just go with springs made for the truck. Thanks for the help and pictures. Cool stuff.
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Re: Diy 4x

Originally Posted by b454rat View Post
60-66 4wd trucks have really short front springs, like 45-46" or something like that. So with the 52s up front, using the stock hole for the shackle would put too much angle on the shackle, so had to move it rearward.
Whoops. Yeah, forgot those kits are designed to be used on the later trucks.
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