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2 blazer back seats in a blazer

I now have 3 young kids that require a car seat and the blazer back seat will only fit 2 car seats. I'm trying to think of how I can accomidate my wife and 3 kids comfortably. I like the bucket seats up front but thought maybe a truck bench seat would have to due. But I am now thinking that I could move the current back seat forward and put a second back seat behind it. Has anyone done this? Any thoughts welcome.
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Re: 2 blazer back seats in a blazer

You can mount a (Suburban, Tahoe etc) 3 belt rear bench a bit forward so you're not restricted in width between the wheel wells. You'll have reduced legroom ..if there is such a thing on 1st gen rear benches.. but still a better option than 2 rows.

..and I'd consider a roll bar for safety, if you dont already have one.
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Re: 2 blazer back seats in a blazer

I have seen the two back seats mounted. I think the owner of brothers truck parts has his that way.
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Re: 2 blazer back seats in a blazer

I have a suburban back seat, and 3 buckets up front. Seats 6.

If going for a 3rd row, maybe have the back two face each other, backed up against the tailgate and front seats?
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Re: 2 blazer back seats in a blazer

Took me a while to find it but take a look at this thread. I took pictures of some different combos in one of my Blazers for another member a few years ago. Hope it helps. There were also several suggestions from others as well.

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