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Changing heads/Cleaning

I am putting on some new heads w/the engine in the truck. I want to clean the piston tops/decarbon. I am seeing WD40 and scotch bright pads and also the use of oven cleaner. Well: It seems like the scotch bright pads would get abrasives down in the engine and bearings (me thinks not good) and the oven cleaner can disolve aluminum and that doesn't sound good either. So.any suggestions? I was thinking of running Sea Foam through the engine before tear down and a bronze brush and/or some plastic or wood scrapers w/some WD40 and maybe Sea Foam as a solvent too.
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Re: Changing heads/Cleaning

I discovered that the spray CRC gasket remover takes it off with ease . Spray it on and let it set for several minutes and most of the time you can wipe it off with a rag . Some of the hard spots I will reapply and use a razor blade . Then you can rotate the piston down and wipe any that gets past the piston . Makes it look like new again .
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Re: Changing heads/Cleaning

I would think SeaFoam, or carburetor cleaner would be good with a nylon brush or plastic scraper. I've heard of running a vacuum line into a bottle of water to steam clean the pistons.
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Re: Changing heads/Cleaning

I wouldn't use an abrasive pad. A plastic or phenolic scraper is better.
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