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Towing mirrors

I have a 2001 Chevy HD with the small mirrors; i would like to get a set of tow mirrors. Q, what years do the mirrors interchange? Thank you
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Re: Towing mirrors

You can bolt up the 2007-2018 tow mirrors on the 1998-2007 GMT800's and even on the GMT400's.
Turn signals and mirror glass heater is plug-in. The marker lamps can be wired up fairly easily.

If your truck doesn't have the DL3 power folding mirrors option just get manual folding towing mirrors. You will not be able to easily add it. Anything can be done but it'll be more than a small headache and it will not be neatly integrated.

They tilt up in stock form so if you think that looks silly they will need to be leveled when you bolt them onto a GMT800. Fairly easy to do.
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RTFM... GM Parts Books, GM Schematics, GM service manuals, and GM training materials...Please include at least the year and model in your threads. It'll be easier to answer your questions.
And please let us know if and how your repairs were successful.

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Re: Towing mirrors

Thanks for this video. I've had my GM tow mirrors for 12 years and DIDN'T know they could be leveled. Now I can fix the one thing that's bothered me about my mirrors.
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Re: Towing mirrors

I bought a like new set of GMT800 towing mirrors off the Duramax forum.
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Re: Towing mirrors

Thanks guys!
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