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Where are the custom 200Silverado parts???

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I am working on my Stock 03 single cab Silverado 4.8 and want to purchase Chrome/polished aluminum parts to clean the engine up. I have found some parts but does anyone know where I can get a polished Alt/power steering bracket like the stock one. I haven't seen one or if a company makes a billet one that will work.
Also I want to get rid of my stock clutch fan and replace it with electric ones to open up the engine compartment. Does anyone know of a how to for this or if someone has tackled this. I believe I will have to change the shroud.
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Re: Where are the custom 200Silverado parts???

The electric fan conversion is pretty simple. I did mine years ago in an afternoon. You will need the following:
  1. 05-07 Electric fan/shoud.
  2. Fan harness. I used a factory harness, but there are aftermarket options.
  3. 34" radiator. Your truck likely has the 28" version.
  4. Tuner or access to someone who can enable the fans in the PCM.

The parts will all bolt in place of what you have now. There is a little wiring to do, but it is not bad. Someone wrote up a pretty decent how-to here.
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