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Engine Numbers

I have a 292 out of a 1969 C10 with F1127RG stamped on the Dist. pad. I would like some help to decipher this number. I believe the F is Flint and the numbers 1127 may be Nov. 27th What does RG stand for? Would this be any indication to Transmission? What would the number be for an automatic trans?
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Re: Engine Numbers

Most likely the reason no one is replying to this post is because Inline 6 engines are hard to ID.

Stovebolt, inliners, and there are others out there that may have the information you are looking for on the engine suffix code of "RG".

Good Luck !!!!
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Re: Engine Numbers

Are you trying to figure out if it is original to the truck? Unless it's out of a large truck (will have different front accessory drive) they pretty much are all rated the same, and once you are past the very early ones the internals don't change either. Not like small blocks where it could be 200 to 375 hp.

F = Flint. 1127 is Nov 27. A two letter suffix indicates early 1969 or before as 3 letter suffixes were introduced sometime in late 1969. RG decodes as a 292 with Air Injection Reaction.

For future lookers at this tread, you can look at the block casting for a rough estimate of the year, which then can tell you a rough HP. Only other difference I've seen is auto trans kick down linkages, or auto trans kick down linkages. But most 292's seem to be manual trans flavor.
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