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Old 09-09-2017, 03:23 PM   #1
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Wheel Change Opinions ?

Hey all, on my 75 i have a set of torque thrust style 15x8 with 275/60/r15. After i lowered it they looked great but the inner rim rubs on the control arm when turning scraping aluminum off the wheel, and outer outside edge of tire hits fender trim. I had a set of 6.5 van rallyes with 235/75/r15 on them so i put them on, no rubbing gave me a little more clearance so i don't scrape on drive way and can turn full both ways with no touching. I just dont think they look as good. Wondering if I should buy some 15x7 torque thrust for the front and that might solve the rubbing problem. I cant go negative offset because the wheel barely fits in the well. Here is some pics of the torques and rallyes
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Jake Wade
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Re: Wheel Change Opinions ?

I am a Rally wheel fan but, those wheels in the top photo make your truck look WAY better.
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Re: Wheel Change Opinions ?

what spindles did you use when you lowered it....
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Re: Wheel Change Opinions ?

275/60's are too big a tire for the front, a 245/60 would be perfect .
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Old 09-13-2017, 05:25 AM   #5
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Re: Wheel Change Opinions ?

Top photos look like Cragar SS's to me. Look great on your truck and your truck looks good too. How about treating yourself to some tubular control arms? Add some lightness and probably better geometry to the occasion. Might not cost more than new wheels? Also, you can probably look pretty good with 275/50s instead of 60s. That will solve your fender issue. Get 50s for the front now and then run your 60s on the back 'til they're all done and then replace them with 50s. I bet it'll still look good and you'll be able to rotate them. And you will also have just a bit more zip with the shorter tire.
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Re: Wheel Change Opinions ?

I have ground a little off control arms after lowering several times. There's quite a bit of material you can remove without compromising the strength. Way cheaper than buying a different set of wheels and the Torque Thrusts look great. For the fender trim see if it extends past the lip, if it does remove that as well.
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