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WIW '86 limited slip 3.73 w/ pics

This is not a sale ad, just need some guidance. I have been looking for a 3.73 rear end to replace my rediculously high geared 2.42 to compliment the 700r4 I'm getting ready to swap. Local yards want $250-400 for a 10 bolt open diff w/exchange. This is insane. I put an add on Craigslist this weekend and got a reply today. This guy has a 5 lug, 3.73 rear from an '86 and he'll take $150. And it is limited slip. He sent me some pics.

I know everybody loves to hate 10 bolts, but I really just want a stock replacement with the right gears. Any sugguestions on what to look for other than checking the ratio, abnormal wear, etc..? Also, is this a "gov-lock" or what type of limited slip? Would it be common for the axle tubes to get bent in a roll-over? Could there be any issues with the drums fitting up?

I'm thinking this will be a good score if it works out

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Wishin' I had more money!
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Re: WIW '86 limited slip 3.73 w/ pics

Nothin wrong with 10 bolts really. Especially as a stock replacement. sounds like a good deal to me!
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Re: WIW '86 limited slip 3.73 w/ pics

Not a gov-lock, a true plate type posi.

tube bending depends on the roloovoer, did it pin the xle and flip or really slam on it when it landed. It would be unusual.

it may have different drum size if it was a heavy half. But if you're getting the whole axle you could buy drums cheap if yours don't fit. Diameter and width and if I remeber right there are only 2 possibilities for the 10 bolt in that era. And if you need new the cores could be your old ones.

And if you want to snd the old gearrs my way .... They'd work great in by fuel economy special! Think 250/700/2.42 ! I'd have to run 50 series tires to get it moving...
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Re: WIW '86 limited slip 3.73 w/ pics

Is it my eyes, or do the wheel studs look really short?

I would say you got a good deal...IF the posi works and is not worn out.

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Re: WIW '86 limited slip 3.73 w/ pics

The one in the pictures looks to be a true-posi, and aftermarket replacement. Being it has the big "s" spring, and you can see the clutch packs. You'll have to see if the posi still works should be able to put 50-80ftlbs of torque to one axle, and lock the other one....if it turns freely, with no resistance the posi is burnt, and will have to be rebuilt

There is nothing wrong with a 10 bolt, if you put some bigger 30 spline axles, with a good working posi....they will take alot of abuse. When I had mine rebuilt I told the shop I was gunna be pulling 7000lbs once a month, and I didn't want it to break. And they garenteed it wouldn't break, so they can be built....just takes some money. Obviously a 14bolt will be stronger out of the box, but it looks like your truck is a cruising truck, and the odd's more than enough

I don't see any abnormal wear, but you won't know if it whines until you drive it.....or put the $200-$300 into it for a new crown and pinion, and rebuild the posi,new seals, and bearings...and it shouldn't whine

Anything is possible in a roll-over.......and yes axle tubes can be bent once, and they can't be bent back....but they normally break the axle first when the wheel hits, and crush the bearing.....Does everything spin nicely, with no rough spots?...if it's all smooth I wouldn't hesitate putting it in...for the $150 price tag I woulddn't hesitate, the core is worth around $100-$150

Sounds to me like it's out of a 1/2ton 2WD truck, but what your looks like a normal 10 bolt, 5 lug rear end.....nothing heavy duty about it

Just my 2 cents
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