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Old 05-15-2010, 06:55 PM   #1
State of Confusion!

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TOTM June 2010

The theme for our Truck of the Month (TOTM) contest this month is:

Step Up to Life!!

To be an eligible for this month’s contest
  • Open to all year stepside trucks.
  • The must be together and able to move on its own power.
  • The truck has to be licensed for street use.
  • If a truck was selected as a 2008/2009 TOTM winner then you are ineligible. If you were nominated but were not selected as a TOTM winner then you may be nominated and compete in this month's category.
To Nominate:

You or someone else may nominate the vehicle. The nominee must be a board member and the current owner of the truck. Once you decide on who you wish to nominate, just add your nomination to this thread. We will need two pictures minimum (at least one full view of the vehicle) with/for the nomination as well as the owner’s board name, the year of the truck, and any other specs of the truck (interior details, engine/drive train specs) that you may want to provide.

Nominees will run through May 23. The first 15 nominees that meet the criteria will participate in the contest. I will PM the nominees to get any additional data or pictures if they have not already been provided. I normally use 1 picture showing a good front-side view and 1 with a rear view of the vehicle in the voting threads. If the owner has a preferred picture they want used in the contest, please let me know in a PM. You can PM me for an e-mail address in case anyone has problems resizing the pictures for the board. A Poll Thread will be set up in this board area and an announcement will be posted on the Discussion Boards to notify all of the voting. The Poll will start to run on May 24 and will run until the morning of June 1st. The official announcement of the winner will be on the afternoon of May 1st. The announcement of this month’s TOTM winner will be posted through the General Discussion Board area.

So step on up and let’s see those sweet ole stepsides!.

1981 GMC High Sierra SWB Stepside

Member of Louisiana Classic Truck Club (LCTC)
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Check The Champ, Demonstrator
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Re: TOTM June 2010

While there are many trucks that should be nominated, I'll nominate markeb01's 1960 GMC, not only for his detailed work, but for his contribution to helping others on this site. It's the man and his truck combo that get's my vote!
The drivetrain is a Targetmaster 350, with a Centerforce clutch and flywheel backed by a Richmond 4 speed. The rear axle is the original Dana 44 with 4.09 gears, covered with an original Mr. Gasket heavy wall chrome rear end cover. Front suspension is 1975 C10. The truck has power steering and brakes, discs up front, and cruise control. No air and no radio. The engine runs a Pete Jackson noisy gear drive.

1963 Chevrolet Truck Literature

YouTube Channel with 20+ Original Chevrolet Truck Salesmen, Mechanics & Service Department Training Slideshows.

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Re: TOTM June 2010

Guess I'll start with my old ratrod/patina truck. Has a 355 small block aluminum head roller motor, turbo 350/3500 stall.
Attached Images
1965 Chevy Suburban
2003 Chevrolet S10
2011 Harley Streetglide

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Piece of Work
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Re: TOTM June 2010

I nominate russj67. Pics are from his album.
Attached Images
posted via La-Z-Boy


1972 C-10 Fleetside 350/TH350 PS PB A/C Cab Sadly....Sold
1968 Short Fleet 350/TH400 PS PB Delivered by Fine69 Also sadly Sold!

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Re: TOTM June 2010

i gotta nominate my favorite stepside tcb-1's 69' SWB

Betsy's build
70 c20 4 speed 406sb
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Old 05-16-2010, 12:31 AM   #6
Happy to be here

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Re: TOTM June 2010

How about a square body? I'll nominate my favorite square stepper, my old buddy S10fan and is "Old Heap".

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"Jake" the 84 to 74 crewcab

"Elwood" the77_Remix

85 GMC Sierra "Scarlett"

"Refining Sierra"
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yes, i do
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Re: TOTM June 2010

here's my 94 rst gmc
Attached Images

-60 Chevy C10, dead 350/good th350 combo, sitting on a 76 c10 blazer frame, built from 11 different vehicles "the abomination"
-07 gmt900 silverado 1500 lt xcab z71, granite blue
-81 suzuki gs650g "shelah"- current project
-81 kz1000m1 csr "sarge" -next project (just beautification)
-07 kawasaki vulcan classic vn900
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Re: TOTM June 2010

Here's my son's 53 GMC.

My build, 53 GMC / S10 swap
My build, 59 Chevy / 88 fullsize swap
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Re: TOTM June 2010

I'll throw mine in. 1950 3100



1970 Nova 327/T5 (my 1st car)
1971 K-20 350/350/205 (winter DD)
1953 GMC Suburban
1968 Chevy Bel Air
1976 Chev C-10
1972 Skylark (suncoupe)
1 of 3943 made
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Re: TOTM June 2010

My '67.
Attached Images

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Still livin the "dream" in '54
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Re: TOTM June 2010

Oh well heck, If Kyle is going to enter then so am I.

My '67 as well.

Attached Images
Current build. 1954 Chevrolet 3800 "Ella" SOLD!

My '67 stepper "Tangerine Dream"

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Re: TOTM June 2010

i ll throw the 68 step side in
Attached Images
bondo bob <<<link to my stuff and project 68 step side build

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Re: TOTM June 2010

Here's my 68' It's got a 406 roller, power everything,a/c, ultra-leather interior,4 wheel discs,etc,etc
Attached Images
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Re: TOTM June 2010

I nominate myself. Here's my '49. All original, except for one repaint in 1965. I have documentation for truck that goes back to 1949. Original owner was from Warrensburg, MO and owned it from 1949 to 1965. I spoke with his 95 y/o widow about 11 years ago. It took her a few minutes, but she did remember my truck. She said her husband was a body shop man and bought the truck for his business. Told me he had wood side panels on the bed and everything. Second owner was from Chillicothe, MO and owned it til his widow sold it in 1987. Spoke with her, too. My nephew bought it in '87 and sold it to me in '97. Truck still has the MFA (Missouri Farmers Assoc) oil change sticker in the door jamb- was supposed to be changed on Sept 27, 1972. Not sure if it was or not. Sorry to be so long winded, but I loove my truck and I'm proud of it and its history.

EDIT** Actually, I think the truck in the picture in this link is my truck: It's in the bottom picture on page 51.

The original owner was JH Carder, and his wife told me that he had his business name painted on the side boards, just like the one in the picture. I'm fairly certain that the truck in this picture is my '49. How's that for history?

Name:  100_1874.jpg
Views: 2404
Size:  59.6 KB

Name:  100_1875.jpg
Views: 2221
Size:  56.5 KB

Name:  100_1878.jpg
Views: 2209
Size:  60.9 KB

Name:  100_1884.jpg
Views: 7441
Size:  58.9 KB
1949 GMC 100
1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL convertible
1963 Ford Country Sedan, original 390 car
1995 GMC 1500 SLE
1998 Chevy Camaro SS Vert- SLP# 0004
1999 Chevy Camaro Z28 6spd Hardtop
2004 Chevy 2500HD CC DMAX LT
2008 Chevy Suburban LTZ
2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS, blue one
2008 Chevy Trailblazer SS, black one

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Damage Inc
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Re: TOTM June 2010

Here is my 68..sorry for all different sizes

Name:  int2.jpg
Views: 2571
Size:  43.5 KB

Name:  int3.jpg
Views: 2141
Size:  28.0 KB

Name:  blue.jpg
Views: 2134
Size:  56.1 KB
05 CC- magnacharged,LTs,Gt-2 cam,3.73s,tru-trac,tuned-sold
01 ECSB- caddy-clipped,22/24 intros,cammed,layin-frame
04 RCSB-joe gibbs clone,22in billets
68 stepper build
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The Cheesiest
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Re: TOTM June 2010

^ very nice!! Im a square guy but 67-72 steppers are sweet!!

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yes, i do
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Re: TOTM June 2010

yeah from seeing all these i think i barely stand a chance with my 94

-60 Chevy C10, dead 350/good th350 combo, sitting on a 76 c10 blazer frame, built from 11 different vehicles "the abomination"
-07 gmt900 silverado 1500 lt xcab z71, granite blue
-81 suzuki gs650g "shelah"- current project
-81 kz1000m1 csr "sarge" -next project (just beautification)
-07 kawasaki vulcan classic vn900
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