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Possible malfunctioning odometer? 07 Silverado


My parents leased my brother an 07 Silverado. Needless to say, he doesnt take care of his vehicles. The tranny went out of it yesterday, although I do not know the exact cause.

Now that his truck in in the shop, it apprears that he has put 61,000 kms on it since getting it last year. The lease has a 60,000 km maximum, and there are 2 years remaining.

When my brother was called on this, he said that when the tranny went, his odometer went crazy and put on all the extra kms.

I call bs - but has anyone ever heard of this happening? Is it even possible?

I don't want to see my parents getting taken advantage of any more, but they seem to be believing this story. Thanks for ANY help on this matter.

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Re: Possible malfunctioning odometer? 07 Silverado

I'd call bs too. The '03 & '04s had some cluster problems but nothing like that.
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Re: Possible malfunctioning odometer? 07 Silverado

A good tranny shop (or GM) would have written down the original mileage when the truck was brought in, before any work was done to it. Most shops offer a warranty and they need the initial mileage for their warranty paperwork.

Edit: I reread your post, I read it wrong! Sounds like BS to me, but hell, with the speedo cable being electronic, anything is possible, I guess??
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