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Ignition switch question

I have a 69 cab on my 70 truck (don't ask) and it doesn't have an accessory position - can't turn key counterclockwise. I would like to have this for radio etc.

Will a 72 (or some model) switch work?

I also have another problem, I can't get cylinder out because key can be removed with switch in run position. I have read several post on removal with no key but I have one. Any trick from removal in run position?

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Re: Ignition switch question

Mine was doing the same thing as yours, would not turn to accessory position. Then it sometimes would get finicky and not want to turn to other positions. I wiggled it around a little and got it to go into accessory position and then I inserted a paperclip in the hole and released the cylinder. I found the cylinder had partially fallen apart. So yours may have the accessory position, but the cylinder is having a problem. That's my guess.
According to other posts on the forum, 67 and some 68 key switches do not have the accessory position, and you can remove the lock from the left-most position. Here's another thread about it:
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