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Old 03-14-2018, 06:45 AM   #1
Special Order

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First Impressions

I was thinking yesterday about a job I had as a teenager and realized that was where I drove my first 67-72. That's where I got this thread idea. We've all had a first time, if we can remember. There may be older members that got to drive on the farm before old enough to drive on the road, some may have been original owners who drove off the lot, on down to the first time was last month for someone who never drove anything more than 10-20 years old. Let's hear your driver's report.
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Post Whore
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Re: First Impressions

My first drive in one of these trucks was a beat up 3/4 ton 72 Ocher truck my boss kept around when I was a teenager . We did pipeline construction and that old truck never let us down ,hauled fire hydrants and heavy valves without a whimper .
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Redneck Rydes
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Re: First Impressions

Was serving my apprentiship for auto mechanics back in 1980, shop truck was a 1971 GMC, I asked why there was a 3' 2x4 in the cab,boss said that when the column shifter jammed up,pop the hood and give the shifter a whack,talk about mechanic owned!
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Re: First Impressions

I have admired these trucks for years. My first drive was Oct 17 2016 in Knoxville Tn. That was the day I test drove and bought my 70 stepper.
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Mike C
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Re: First Impressions

Mine was in my Jimmy. I was 10 years old and we were at a lease we had in the mud and the muck. Circa 1978.
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Re: First Impressions

My first experience was a couple of years ago when I test drove a red 72 short bed. It had been modified, 454, big wheels, lowered and modern radio. Pretty much what everyone on this site wants I thought this is what I wanted but couldnít pull the trigger. Later after test driving a few more I realized my tastes leaned more toward the original stock look which is what I eventually ended up with.
72 White Cheyenne, The Ghost
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Re: First Impressions

First one i drove was the first one i owned, somewhere around 1982-ish i think - saw it for sale on the side of the road and bought it. Best $1200 I ever spent. It was an already rusty Midwest 72 Cheyenne in the quintessential 72 paint scheme - white/red deluxe two tone.
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Re: First Impressions

I was 19, my father and I pooled our limited resources together to buy a light blue 67 lwb, 250 3ott with ps and the sketchiest tow hitch ever made out of angle iron. We replaced the shocks, sanded some of the rust spots and spray bombed them with paint that was close enough. Spray bombed the grill, bumpers and that trailer hitch with some fresh white and drove her. I loved how that truck just chugged along and the 3ott was beyond cool in my eyes. My friends and especially teenage girls didn’t get it though, they thought fart cans on import $h!tboxes was cooler. That and the constant inquiries to sell the truck were wearing thin.

We got her in early spring, drove her through the summer and sold her in the fall. We paid $1100, sold her within days of putting the word out (no ads were taken out) for $3000. Not bad for some shocks and spray paint. We kept track of the truck for awhile but it kept changing hands and we don’t know where it ended up. But a few years back I got another 67 lwb 250 30tt and my father picked up a 72 lwb a few months back.
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Re: First Impressions

Out of high school, I went to work for a Chevy dealer, so I drove dozens, I guess. I was interested in going fast, so I had a '64 Malibu SS I bought while working there, and warmed it up. I always borrowed/rented a truck when I needed one, until we inherited the one we have now from my wife's dad.
'70 Chevy 3/4T Longhorn CST 400/400/3.54 Custom Camper

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Re: First Impressions

A buddy of mine gave me a Truckin’ magazine in junior high. I had always liked cars/trucks but there was something about those slant nose chevys that just piqued my interest. I bought my first one on my 14th birthday, had it for 25 years. Only let it go because I have two running driving trucks that needed some attention and that truck was $20,000 away from being on the road.
Please note : Any items I have posted for sale are also listed locally and listing may end at any time.

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Re: First Impressions

I was 17 years old. The truck was my first 4 wheeled vehicle ( my first road going transportation was a motor cycle ), a '68 step with 350 and a power glide. It had an enormous steering wheel and everything was manual, no power assist. It was bad @ss and I loved it.

That truck taught me the basics of wrenching and so many other things!

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How did I get this OLD!
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Re: First Impressions

Dad had bought a used 68-910 for farm use in 1974. I would drive it to the feed store with dad when I was 14 in 74. My high school was 30 miles away. When I turned 16 I drove the old beast to school every day from 1976-79. Back in the day when if you were too drunk to walk you had to drive, (with one eye covered).
Those days are long gone. Haven't had a drink since Oct.31,1979. Some folks just can't handle alcohol. I learned early that I was one. I'm sure that truck had the rare K69 AUTO PILOT HOMING EQ.

Only photo I have. circa.1979
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1967 Oshawa built LWB Fleetside, 327/Auto, 520 Lt Yellow,Custom, Panoramic Window, Parts Truck 10/18
67 Only parts bought and sold.
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Re: First Impressions

I wish I could say I had experience with these trucks but never rode in one at all. I have dumped a ton of cash into my build and hope its as nice as my imagination when complete. Putting together a mostly stock '72 super two-tone, 350 auto, buckets and full trim.
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Alex V.
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Re: First Impressions

My Suburban was in the family before I was, so some of my earliest memories are in it. My parents have a mile-long gravel driveway, so occasionally on the way home from somewhere he'd put me in his lap and let me (try to) steer... then step on the gas a little to freak me out. :P I was only 10 when the third engine gave up and he let it sit, so I never drove it under his ownership, only mine which started in 2011.
Alex V.
1967 C10 Suburban, 350/NP435, Green/Green, PS, PB, HD cooling, charging, shocks, and springs.

1985 GMC C3500 SRW, Sierra Classic, 454/TH400, white/blue.
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Re: First Impressions

My Dad bought a 1970 CST/10 (which he still has) in 1973. I learned to drive in that truck. Then I bought a 1967 C/10 stepside and the sickness began... LOL

'cuz chicks dig scars...

My 1972 GMC 1500 Super Custom (Creeping Death) "long term" build thread.

The Rebuild of Creeping Death after the wreck

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I would never rebuild a 305.
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I love using vacuum gauges as part of the carb tuning process. I hook the gauge to the inside of my garbage can and leave it there.
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Re: First Impressions

My dad had a 68 he had parked away in the shed in the early 80's. Sometime in the early 90's when I was 12 or so, I decided to pull it out of the shed one afternoon with my grandpa's help. I got it running and driving again but it was in really rough shape. Taught myself how to drive a manual with that too. Dad was not to happy when he found out.
68 c10 swb stepper
68 c10 swb stepper
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Re: First Impressions

Not sure if this counts but my "first time" was 1969 C60 grain truck with a two speed axle and granny gear as my dad called it. We also had a '60 and a '65. Not sure of the engine but I know the 69 was strong, even with a full load, maybe a 396? My dad put a governor on it to keep us under control. I never got the hang of split shifting though
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Re: First Impressions

I actually can't recall ever being in a '67-'72 until I bought my first one almost 5-years ago. I grew up in squarebodies and 2-ton trucks but always liked the '67-'72 the neighboring farmers had. I wanted one in high school bad but never found one my parents and I could agree on. Now I'm in the process of buying my 3rd one and hopefully actually get to drive this one.
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Re: First Impressions

In 1974 my Dad had a 1968 GMC 910 in the driveway. As you know, column doesn't lock. I was in second grade and I would bring home girls from school on the way home to show them how I could roll it back a couple of feet by putting it in neutral and rolling it back with the brake.

I could only go so far or my Dad would notice it'd been moved, so I couldn't get greedy. A second show would have to await another day and another audience.

It's hard to comprehend now, as an adult, but when you're 7 the prospect of a vehicle rolling under your command is heady stuff, even if it's not actually running...
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Re: First Impressions

Dad always had one or more of these trucks when I was growing up. However, when the time came for me to start driving, the only thing I could come up with was a '70 Dodge D200, slant 6 3OTT. Tried hard to get a '68 C-30 chevy off my girlfriends dad, as it had the 305 V-6 in it. He just wouldn't let it go. When we left Maine in '84 and moved to Phoenix, Dad bought a clean '68 C-20 50th Anniversary for $1200. That become my first Chevy truck driving experience/vehicle prior to entering the USAF. Won many a stop light drags in that truck. It had the original 327/TH400 in it and the gearing was just right for fast launches. Loved that truck.

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Re: First Impressions

My step dad had a '59 3100 when I was growing up , my older bro and sis both learned to drive it . He traded it off for a '65 c10 ,before I got to drive it my mom and he split and my next stepdad was a f*&d guy. When I got out of high school in '75 I bought a '58 3100 of my own. I didn't get my first '67-'72 until 1982, I have had seven since.
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Re: First Impressions

Gramps had a 1970 cst20 custom camper, two tone hugger orange and white. I rode in it all the time as a kid and loved the symmetrical glovebox and gauge cluster.
1972 C/10 Cheyenne Super SWB. Restored, loaded, slammed.

1968 C/10 50th Anniversary LWB. Unrestored, stock, daily driver/work truck.

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primer is finer
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Re: First Impressions

My first time was in 71. My new girl friendís dad had a 68 shorty fleet farm truck he let her drive. It had the usual large farm gas tank in the bed with a hand pump. That came in handy more than once.
The truck was gold n white. 327 with t400.
That was a tuff old truck. Liked em ever since.
Oh and i married that girl in 1975. 43 years today. She is definately a keeper.
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Re: First Impressions

My first job was construction/concrete work at 16yrs old this was in 1994. All my boss ran was 67-72 chevy trucks and his was a frame up restore. Nice metallic grey with a 383 stroker in it. I've wanted one ever since just took me awhile to realize it. I love looking at her every time i walk outta the house.
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Re: First Impressions

BOOG I bet you couldn't get away with tellin her Daddy you run out of gas.
'67 Short Stepside w/72 nose(since1997),....,'72 K5 Blazer(since2013)
Wecome=,Sideways Saturday=, Front End Friday=, shifter box my way =, shock bracket my way=
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