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Relay location for headlights

I'm starting to run my wires harness for my 56 task force truck, I'm curious on where to put the relays.. I'm going to be putting the battery behind the passenger seat boxed in.. should I put the relay in the cab or put them by the head light and run the battery wire up to the head light? I've also gotta do this with my electric fans as well..
Thanks for the input..
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Re: Relay location for headlights

Is your battery enclosure vented to the outside? If it is an acid type battery it will give off noxious fumes
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Re: Relay location for headlights

Your headlights are powered by the generator or alternator, not so much the battery unless the engine is off. So somewhat close to the output of the generator or alternator where it ties into the rest of the truck wiring would be a good place.
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