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"new" grachics on my '93 GMC long bed

Just taking a min to share some updated pics of my '93 seirra. Just this morning I finished up a custom paint project I've been working for the past few weeks. I originally thought about just adding these pics to an existing thread related to faux patina'd and "logo"d trucks. However I couldn't find anything fairly recent.
From the start of this particular project the plan was to do the best I could with what tools I had; quite a few cans of spray paint, semi crappy masking tape, a not perfectly clean pole barn, and zero experience with painting graphics. With all of those things in mind I was well aware that the final results wouldn't be perfect. As such, and the fact that I added the grachics to a truck that didn't have perfect paint or a perfect body, the plan was to make them even less perfect. You can definitely say that I borrowed the idea from the faux 'tina/shop truck look. instead of a neglected shop or company truck, the "look" is a neglected ex show truck from 25+ years ago. I included a few pics of the progression through the recent graphics project, as well as pics of the truck from before. The "silver" is in fact bare metal with a couple of different wipe on clear coatings. You may notice that I also extended the bare metal "scallop" beyond the door to the bed sides.

BTW if anyone knows of a related thread that I can share a pic or to please include a link. Or maybe you are working on, or have seen a similar idea that you would like to share that would be awesome.
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my reaction when i realized the true condition of my truck? 3 words...un........... believable
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