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adjust the linkage on a 61 3 speed on the floor

my gears are hard to 'get into'. A friend told me I need to adjust the linkage. Any good videos on how to do this? He said to put it in first and pry bar the linkage all the way (towards engine or differential I have no idea- guess it depends on where the linkage connects). First is obviously bottom left and reverse is top left.

Also, I picked up a 1957 complete 235 motor (believe that's what was originally in the 6 cylinder). Any good videos on rebuilding that?

Thanks a lot,

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Re: adjust the linkage on a 61 3 speed on the floor

You did not specify if you are having trouble with an automatic or manual. I'm guessing manual transmission. This might be helpful.

I set all the shift ears on the trans to the middle positions then run a centering rod through the indexing hole on the side of the shifter to align the gates. After that, install each rod & make sure that you can get into each gear position fully. It's some back & forth & small adjustments that take some time but not difficult.

Always much easier with the trans & shifter out on the bench rather than lying under the truck, in the snow, with half dead flashlight and junk falling in your eyes.

Good luck.
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