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Factory gauges with newer motor?

69 GMC 3/4 ton.
Thinking of going with a 5.3 out of a Silverado. Since clusters are electronic now, how do I go about using the cluster in my 69 if and when I put in the 5.3 from a Silverado? I would like to keep a factory look. I may add the tachometer in the Factory location since it doesn't have one now. I still want to use the gauges like the oil pressure and volts. Thanks.
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Re: Factory gauges with newer motor?

You can buy a complete Gauge set up with all that included from Pro Performance .
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Re: Factory gauges with newer motor?

If you want to use the actual factory cluster:

The factory gauge cluster has an ammeter, not volts. You should be able to hook that up because it is not really closely related to the engine. Or there are threads on the forum about converting it to a volt meter which some people find to be good. Forum member TBONE1964 and perhaps others offer help with volt meter conversions. So decide which you want to do. If you want the ammeter, run the main output wire of the alternator to the soldered and taped junction in the wiring harness near the driver side headlight, and leave the routing of the wire that goes from the battery to that junction attached as is. The 12 gauge red wire that runs across the top of the radiator between the battery and the ammeter junction is the right length and resistance to function as the shunt for the ammeter.

If your engine has a 1/8 NPT oil pressure sensor you should be able to unscrew it and connect the 69 oil pressure tube that goes to the cluster.

The stock temperature gauge must use only the stock sender with 1/2" NPT threads. Other senders will not work. The part number I used is GM part number 12334869, AC Delco number G1852. Since I have a 3/8" NPT hole in my engine, I bought that 1/2" sensor and had forum member A1971Blazer who is a machinist turn down to reduce the size and thread it. Other folks have had forum member Brian Mac turn and thread theirs. The temperature sender goes in the driver's side head, but will also work in the passenger side head. Some people put their sender in the intake manifold, and I've also seen them in the water pump, but the stock location would be in the head and I think that's where it most properly belongs.

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Re: Factory gauges with newer motor?

Contact me if I can help. I do mostly stock factory style restorations and have been doing restorations on these for around 7 yrs now. I offer a volt gauge conversion that will appear as if it was factory.

Is your trans set up for cable or vss? Newer motor as in LS, TBI, LT1, VORTEC?

Thank you,
Contact me on all of your gauge cluster needs. I specialize in restoration, repair and parts sales for 67-72 Chevy and GMC trucks. email me at [[/email]

I am also a dealer for Counterpart for gauge cluster parts only.

Also see my facebook page, classic gauge and cluster.
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Re: Factory gauges with newer motor?

This can be done several ways, either inexpensive with some work, or really easy, but not on your wallet! The new Dakota Digital gauges are really nice, but they are proud of them, to the extent of about $1400..... Kind of spendy for me, and they put the gas gauge in a spot that you really cant see it when the column mounted shifter is in the 'drive' position, not sure why they put it there?

Or, if you're crafty, you can do what I have done for less than a hundred bucks. Not the easiest, but definitely doable. I have a clock in the unused spot which is why I know it's hard to see the gauge in that location... Also, as a side note, the voltmeter in my cluster is what the one TBONE1964 sells looks like.
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My '72 short bed build.

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