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Dennis V
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Need help finding the right master/booster

I bought my 58 panel with a gm clip with disk brake and 9 rear with drums.
Braking is not good because of wrong master and no booster.
I found this on ebay:
- Universal Under Dash Pedal With 7" Dual Power Brake Booster Conversion Kit -
The Master Cylinder is for disc/drum and drum/drum application.
Universal Under Dash Pedal & Power Brake Conversion Kit Includes:

7" Dual Diaphragm Zinc Coated Power Booster (3-3/8" square Bolt Pattern)
1" Bore 9/16 & 1/2" Master Cylinder w/Ports on Each Side (Corvette Style Cast Iron)
Proportioning Valve Kit (Fixed Universal Disc/Drum Valve, Lines, Bracket & Hardware)
14" long Mounting Bracket
Pedal (Length, 13-1/8" from pivot point to pad hole) Pedal Pivot Point is Adjustable to 7", 8-1/2", 10" 11-1/2" and 13" From The Firewall.

Wil this work or do i need a bigger booster ?

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LH Lead-Foot
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Re: Need help finding the right master/booster

Most will tell you that a larger power brake booster will provide a better stopping control experience, but if room is tight, make sure it has a "Dual Diaphragm".

I have a 67 C10 with a 11" dual diaphragm using GMT400 type rotors, calipers and steering knuckles on G20 lower control arms. It stops great even with drum on the rear.

Always go larger, but room dictates what you can fit. If vacuum is low because a camshaft, you will need as much as you can get for power brake assistance.
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