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Spindle/hub nut torque #'s

A little bit ago I did my front brakes/bearings, etc. on the 72 burb and tightened down the hub as I always do. Spun the rotor and tightened the first nut till I felt a bit of resistance. Lined up the tab and nipple on the washer, then tightened the outer nut till it was a little passed snug.

The other day I had to replace one stripped lug stud on my driver side so I carefully removed everything. Thought I would do it the "correct" way so I scoured the google machine and came up with some numbers from manuals/shade tree mechanics as follows:

First nut: spin rotor 50 ft/lbs on nut, back off 1/4 turn retighten to 35 ft/lbs
Line up tab and nipple
Outer nut: this is where it got hairy. Some people claimed the manual said 50, other state manual sais to tighten to 200 ft/lbs.

I only did mine to 120 which seemed way more than I've ever torqued that sucker down.

I squirted some grease back in the usual places but didn't jamb pack like I usually do between the empty space behind the bearing.

Took it for a 10min drive and the hub I worked on is waaaay hotter than the untouched side. You can hold onto to it but it's definitely uncomfortable and not warm like the other end. Figured it was everything coming back together and it needed time to settle so I felt it this morning after my drive to work and it's still hotter than the other side but not so hot as the previous day.

Any inputs?

Let her ride?
Take apart and pack with grease?
Take apart and go back to the old fashioned way??
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Re: Spindle/hub nut torque #'s

Are you working on a 4WD or 2WD?

Different procedures and torque numbers between the two.
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Re: Spindle/hub nut torque #'s

It's 4wd
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