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Finding a truck

I know it's a real long shot but is there any way possible to track down a truck this old. I found a mortgage paper online where my great great grandpa bought a 1950 Chevy truck in 1955. All I have is the name of the buyer, seller and the chassis # and engine #. Chances are it was probably scrapped years ago and even if it hasn't been i can't even begin to know how to find it. I've been able to find a few in the past but never nothing this old. Thanks for any help!
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Re: Finding a truck

My first thought is be careful of what you wish for as you may be severely disappointed.
Second thought is would you personally want someone hunting you down to find their uncles old truck? I took a friend of mine down to where another buddy knew where my friends old chopped 47 Plymouth sedan was and the guy who then owned it wasn't very happy that someone had showed up to see it as it wasn't and as far as I know has never been for sale. The car was actually an old show car that I had seen in a Seattle show in 1962.

Last is privacy laws, The dmv isn't allowed to hand out any info even if you have old titles, vins or registrations. I needed a yes/no answer as to if my 93 year old mother had actually bought tabs and registration for her pickup that I am actually the primary driver of and I got the "look" from the license office folks until I said I didn't need name, address or anything else I just needed to know if the registration had been paid or not. It was, I went back and hunted though her pile of papers and sure enough there was the registration and 20 minutes later I had her trash bags in the back and was headed to the dump

I had an Arizona title a few years ago that a previous owner had folded and carried in his wallet for and extended length of time and either the title number or vin was right on one of the fold obscuring a number or two. Arizona was no help as they couldn't give out info even though I wasn't wanting any info on the previous owner.
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Re: Finding a truck

Decades ago we use to visit Schnitzer Steel in Oakland, They would shred whole cars and truck into fist sized balls of steel for shipment overseas. Random samples showed much of what they handled had been recycled numerous times. Up to a few years ago scrap steel was hot commodity and many ADs went that route. Scrappers scoured the US on leaving comparatively little behind. Odds are what youre looked for was scrapped, shipped to japan recycled and scrapped again over and over. May even be part of your current ride. Only a miracle remains.
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