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Windshield Washer Pump Replacement

To read the original thread and discussion on this topic go here- LINK

I just finished installing a new windshield washer pump, and I thought I'd share what I did with everyone. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I had mixed results with an attempt to rebuild my original washer pump. It quit working after just a couple of uses, so I tried a replacement original pump from Orielly's with the same result.

Fed up with the old-style mechanical pump, I decided to see what kind of electric pump I could find at Napa. After a bit of working, my parts guy and I found this part number 60-300 replacement electric washer pump that is designed to do exactly what I was trying to do.

I bent up a bracket similar to what the original pump sits on.

After a bit of black paint and a couple of screws, I was all set. The new pump hooks right into the original wiring and works perfectly. The replacement pump comes with the necessary fittings to plumb right into the existing hoses from the original pump. Now I have a powerful, reliable washer pump, and the cost came in just under $20.

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