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my real world feedback on DIRECT LIFT 4 post 8k stacker

helped a friend assemble 2 4 post stackers for his cars to sit in the off season .

got these lift from my local dealer 2.5 hr north of me i have been dealing with them for years and always great service .

1st - directions ? there is none .
2nd - pull the ram from the run way mount and spin the body 180* and remove the Q.C. sticker covering the vent port or you will NOT get the ram to pull out . . . found this out the hard way but easy fix .
3rd - before you flip over the main runway with the ram and cables feed the cables out the side holes or you will be pulling the pulleys and do it on your back when setting it all up .
4th - 4 jack stands 2 per end to hold the cross bars up off the floor and give you room to work under the runways .
5th - we pulled all pulleys and put a little grease on them to let them roll better .
6th - once the cables are all in and hooked up make sure to adjust the safety bolt on each corner to have the hex of the bolt line up with the outer edge of the pulley to keep the cable from ever popping off .

otherwise the crude drawings in the paper work will help you get it all and these few tips .

metric hardware and 3 gal of oil should do it . we used a 5 gal bucket and a few qrt extra to top them both off .

run the lift up/down a dew times say 2ft off the ground to bleed out the air . when holding the dump valve as the lift is on the ground keep holding as lots of air will come out in to the tank . don't fill the tank full on the first fill do 3/4 so you don't puke fluid with air .

otherwise there a dam good bang for the buck .

4 plastic drip trays
2 end ramps for ether end use
4 end stop plates
1 bottle jack beefy tray
4 wheel kit

110volt pump and mech lock release
Attached Images
77-k30lb BIG truck build .
87-k30lb budget beater build .
85-k30lb the plow machine build .
85-c10sb summer fun toy .
HOLLEY SNIPER efi = worst case of p.i.t.a i ever had .

EDELBROCK pro flo 4 = best deal going so far . love my setup works great.

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