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Congrats kxmotox247

Here’s the scoop on this truck:

I first saw this truck in person at the Good Guys Indianapolis car show back in 2003. At that time, the truck had just been put on the road.
The truck was originally a Tennessee truck and is very solid. It’s hard to believe but this truck only has 52,XXX miles on the odometer. The title said actual mileage and judging by the wear on some of the components, I believe it.
I know a lot of you have photos of this truck saved. It has a killer stance which is what attracted me to the truck in the first place. There’s something about big Torque-Thrust wheels that make every vehicle look good. I’m going to list some of the specs on this truck but feel free to ask me anything about it.
1967 Short Bed Fleetside – Small back window
Baby Blue in color…just a little lighter than the factory blue
Factory Air truck
350/350 swapped in at 40,000 miles
Flowmaster Mufflers
Air ride suspension
Dropped Spindles
Power disc brakes
“C” Notched Rear
Camaro Rear End
Power Steering
18” x 8” Front
20” x 10” Rear
Tilt Column
“Highlander” Seat (Come gives this truck some serious character!!!)

Future plans for this truck:
As we all know, these projects never end. When I bought this truck, the interior was filthy. My girlfriend and I pulled the entire interior out and completely covered the floor and behind the gas tank in dyna-mat insulation. In some places we even doubled up. We steam cleaned the seat and scrubbed the vinyl for no less than 4 hours to get it clean. I installed the factory tach (Thanks GMC Paul!) and was able to get all of the gages working. I bought the steering wheel to match the rims. The only thing left to do on the interior is piece the rest of the A/C system together (missing the hoses, diverter, s-duct).
The engine compartment has a major overhaul planned. I’m not going to share the details yet…you’ll just have to watch the board for the before and after pictures!
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