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Post Re: The 5.3 Blazer build

Thanks. Its getting better. I have my Family and few great friends help me through. My father and I wroked everyday together in our meat business. For the last 4 years he was recovering for 3 strokes, and couldn't return to work.

I've keep our Butcher shop alive through his teachings. And I'm here to say. 20 years in this business, and not I'm gonna stop.

I'm happy with the performance and sound that cam added. 227/ 233 .584 lft. 113 LSA. Lunati Voodoo grind.

Took her out again last night. Changed the Plugs from the NGK Iridium to A/C Delco Iridium. Made a big difference! Found a little vac leak on the PVC hose, just clamped it tighter. Ran smoother. There is a collector leak that is ticking. But I didn't have the time to tighten that up.

All in all, shes' running great. Drove it to work this morning. The heads where turning, along with the Derby PD. The truck drives nice.

Even without overdrive, don't make you deaf from the drive. But I'm gonna get the overdrive later for sure. For now, I'm happy. The radiator and home made hoses seem to be doing there jobs.

Took it up to my Uncles place last night, (45miles up and 45 back) The fans are working great, never went over 220* in traffic. Knock on wood that its cooling!

Mileage isn't that bad. 15 ish mpg.. eeh but its Hot rod!

Change the oil over there, (I hit walmart on the way up) And everything looked great. The mileage went up a little on the way home. Guess the oil change with Lucas stablizer helped.

After the change, Oil pressure at Ilde was 50 lbs, before it was 42-45 lbs.

So the Vital's are holding, and the trans is shifting great. The 4.10's are nice! The stall flash is more like 3600 than the spec. 3400 RPM. But I seems to be ok.

Went the Local COOP. And my buddy Billy was at the scales, weighed in at 2788 with full 20 gallon tank, w/me in it. But there is another hundred more in cage and interior parts left to go back in.

So I've been really busy guys! Enjoying the hell out of my" Other woman" as Allison call's Ruby. LOL!


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Re: The 5.3 Blazer build

You're getting 15mpg with 4:10s and a 3600 stall!? Hmmm, might have to put a 5.3 in the noma
355,vortec heads, Doug Herbert cam, Performer intake, 750 Holley, Hooker Comps, 2 1/2 duals w/Aero Chambers, 2500 stall and 3.73 posi.
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Re: The 5.3 Blazer build

cool build! looking good
Chris Heinz
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