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Re: 1 Owner 1976 SWB

Well, I finally got to drive at night with the new headlights.
They worked out pretty well, a definite improvement from what I had.

I did not get lights flashed at me once & I did driving on 2 lane back roads as well as 4 lane highway.

The high beams are a little different though. When I turn them on I notice more light on the ground in front of me (like turning on fog lights) then I do light higher like a normal high beam.
For me it was actually kind of cool though because I could kick them on and see the road in front of me better to watch out for potholes, etc.

Overall I am pleased.
- Justin
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Re: 1 Owner 1976 SWB

Originally Posted by JWall View Post
Info below

Plug & Play

They have a website but having trouble finding it at the moment. I'll keep looking.
They sell thru ebay & amazon.

Ebay auction -
Ebay store -

Attachment 1645409
Been looking at these for my 4 headlight 85 C01. How hot do these get and are those fans at the bottom of the bulbs? How much noise do those produce?
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