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56 3100 fusebox issues

Hey everyone I picked this truck up in January and have been tinkering around with it but am stuck with some electrical issues. About a month ago the radio, electric choke and radiator fan all stopped working at once. I identified the problem to be that all the ports in the fuse box to have stopped working except for the a/c one (which the radiator fan is now plugged into temporarily). But headlights, hazards, wipers are all working. The turn signals don't seem to get power either. I'm still learning about this stuff only being 19 but can't seem to find a solution. I checked the back of the fuse box and everything is connected. I would greatly appreciate any advice in trying to fix this thanks.
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Re: 56 3100 fusebox issues

I would try to determine which wire supplies power to the box then trace it to its source looking for trouble. If the dead circuits are only supposed to have power with the key on they might be connected to the ignition switch and you might find out the switch is bad.
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