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50 truck frame issues

I have a 50 chevy frame that has a front clip installed on it.
The issue that I have is the driver side is lower at the back.
I can lift the whole frame off the ground and let it back down and the frame is level but I put weight on the frame and the frame goes back to being low on the driver side. Can some body help me figur this out.
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Re: 50 truck frame issues

Are you saying its sagging while its on the ground but ok jacked up? pictures would be very helpful in this case.
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Re: 50 truck frame issues

If we're talking about a complete frame with suspension, it sounds like spring sag or worn suspension bushings.
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Re: 50 truck frame issues

We are going to have to have more info and possibly some photos of it.

If you set the frame up level on stands or blocks with the wheels off the shop floor and the 4 spots you set stands under it being level with each other and a level floor you should be able to measure and or see if there is a twist in the frame. If you have it level across the frame where the stands are the frame horns should be level with each other and the back of the frame should be level side

If it is square that way and doesn't sit level on the shop floor after you roll it back and forth a few feet after letting it down an bounce it a couple of times to get it to settle out you most likely have a spring that is collapsed a bit or a bad spring on the back.

Remember too that you have to have the same size and type of tires side to side with the same amount of tread. Some times the old rollers we have laying around don't match or one or the other doesn't hold air meaning check the air pressure in the tires to make sure it matches.

A lot of donor rigs might sag a bit on the drivers side simply because the donor spent 90% of it's life with only the driver in the car and over the years that side sagged a bit. You can level it some with what is called an "air conditioner spacer" by GM that is a rubber spacer that goes in on top of the spring and works as a shim to level the rig up. I used to use a lot of them when I worked in a Pontiac dealership as the front end man in Waco in the 70's and customers would fuss that their late model Pontiac didn't sit perfectly level side to side. They used to come in about three different thicknesses but that was back then.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see some Energy suspension spring isolators in various thicknesses There are more on the next page.

If the frame is all square and lined up right I wouldn't worry too much about it until I got the truck all together and drove it down the street and back and measured it to see how it sits. You are looking at a disaster in the making if you pull the spring out now with no weight on the chassis to help compress the spring when you try to put it back together.
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Re: 50 truck frame issues

Also good to determine if it is a front suspension problem or a rear. My 55 Sedan was low on the drivers side and despite adjustments, etc, I could not fire out what was causing it.

Finally, I jacked the pumpkin and raised the rear end off the ground and front end leveled right out. As it worked out, had a weak rear spring on the drivers side
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