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Re: Bolt on mustang ii

MobileOrtho I'm looking at doing the exact suspension swap on my 54 from a gmc 1/2 ton bolt in to the mustang 2 bolt in from speedway. 350/350 engine/trans.
I have a few questions im hoping some of you guru's can help me with.

1. can any of the components from gmc suspension be used with the mustang 2 crossmember and a-arms like the power steering rack, pump, rotors, calipers?

2. If the engine mounts moved your engine forward 2" how did that affect your transmision crossmember and shifter location in the cab?

3. Why the switch to coil overs from the stock springs and shocks that came with the kit? I'm assuming better handling?

4. what lb springs did you use?

5. I see a-arm options that decrease track with by 5/8" each side. is this just to allow more of a dish offset in your rims? Would this help with tire rub on the fenders with the 2" drop spindles? I'm worried it would be too tight to the frame and again have rub issues.
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Re: Bolt on mustang ii

just looking at the brake lines in post 81 and wondering if the tires will rub on hard turns. a lot of trucks have the lines coming off the frame at an angle, maybe that is the reason?
looks good. wish I was at that stage.
got a current pic with the ride height and fenders hung?
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