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New Guy in Fargo with a 54 GMC

Recently a family friend gave me a 1954 GMC long bed.
No motor or transmission.
No title either, but NoDak has a process for that.

I wasn't really sure what to do with it, but when somebody gives you one, you take it!

I started researching options for adding power steering and disk brakes, trying to figure out what motor/trans to install.

This is a back burner project for now, as I have a couple other things ahead of it, so I was taking my time watching for deals. And then last week I got my hands on a 1991 Suburban (no motor/trans) for free. Before I agreed to take it, I contacted my buddy and he sent me a pic of one of the Advanced Design trucks on a newer 4x4 frame and I followed that pic to this forum.

This truck is NOT mine but it is inspirational.

PROJECT: 1950 Chevy 3/4T 4x4... new member

Last weekend I brought home the suburban and ripped its body from the frame, keeping only the dash and front fenders.

So now I'm up to a body and a chassis, time to figure out how to mate them.

I still have no idea about a powertrain, it is nice that the suburban frame is setup for TBI fuel injection, which would make it really easy for a 5.7/700R4 swap.

The problem is that when I told my wife about it, the first thing she asked was if I was going to put a 454 in it...

I still need to get the '54 home and when I do, I'll get more pics of it.
I hope to get it home before it freezes solid around here so I can pressure wash the years of 'dirt' off of it.
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