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2 Barrel size?

alright so i have a little problem, someone is giving me a 500 cfm holley 2bbl for my birthday but i dont know if i should use it, and if so i dont know what intake to run with it. Any advice would be very welcome and appreciated, thank you!
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Re: 2 Barrel size?

Ask the one who is buying the 2 barrel to buy a 4 barrel instead....problem fixed.
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Dead Parrot
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Re: 2 Barrel size?

What are you planning on using it on? What is the planned use for that vehicle?

500 cfm is probably overkill for a 250 six banger daily driver. Probably leave a built for the drag strip 454 gasping for breath.
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Alex V.
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Re: 2 Barrel size?

500 CFM is pretty big for a 2 barrel - assuming it's going on a SBC, probably not as efficient as even a smaller 2 bbl. or equivalent-size 4 bbl. because air velocity won't be as good through the bigger venturis.

Intake? Whatever keeps air moving at normal driving RPM (<3,500) because I can see that big ol' 2 bbl. and a cavernous intake really hurting low and mid-speed manners.
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Re: 2 Barrel size?

I think only stock car racers use those carbs. I would prefer a 4bbl for everyday use. Most of the old 2bbl manifolds have been scrapped by now so you would most likely end up using an adapter on a 4bbl manifold. If he is buying it then you should recommend a 4bbl which should be close in price. If he already has the Holly.....I guess you could try it to make him happy or ebay it. I think there are still stock car classes that mandate 2bbl carbs and somebody may want it badly.
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Re: 2 Barrel size?

The 500 cfm 2 Bbls will only bolt up to a stock ford intake. Nothing GM v-8 wise has that type mount. It would need an adapter to use on a 4 Bbl intake. I am clueless how you could use it on a 6 banger. If he's giving it to you and you have room to store it, gladly take it. Maybe you can sell it or swap it in the future
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