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pappy 2
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Quick fuel fuel injection

Anyone running the "Quick Fuel" injection system on a small block.
Previous owner had installed this on a 355 Blue Print motor with a duel plane-air gap intake. The little I have driven this truck, it never really ran quite right. Started good, but had a drastic hesitation under hard acceleration. I have since disassembled the truck for a total rebuild. Wanting to know if others have had issues with this system, and what might be the fix.
The truck has in-tank fuel pump and is running a stage2 200r transmission. Also a Pertronix distributor. I would like to keep the FI system if could get bugs worked out.
Also would like pictures of Throttle Body style systems installed showing how wires were ran or hidden. That was another bug-a-boo with how it was installed.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Re: Quick fuel fuel injection

I haven't tried a Quick Fuel, but I have 2 FastEFI's on my 72 4x4 pickup and 72 blazer. I haven't had any issues, but I can tell you that the grounds are the most important aspect of the aftermarket kits.

Second, is using a good distributer. You need a really clean signal from the distributor to the computer.

I used the MSD digital set up and have been really happy. I hope someone else with more knowledge will chime in. Good luck!

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