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Re: Ls swap opinion

My reasoning for going LS:

1. I've done a lot of v8 swaps over the years. Being budget conscious in the past I've always sought out wrecked vehicles to be drivetrain donors. Insurance auctions are a good source. Sources for used carbed engines are getting pretty slim these days and LS engines are plentiful.

2. Horsepower ratings for LS engines in stock form are higher.

3. Reliability

4. The challenge. My current project has really stretched my abilities but what seemed daunting at first has worked out mostly due to the amount of info and support on line.
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Re: Ls swap opinion

Originally Posted by pilotXC View Post
I did...
Sorry, I intended that for the original poster.
If I didn't build it or fix it, it's probably not mine.
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Re: Ls swap opinion

I just sold my brand new never had fuel in the carb 350 that came with my truck when I bought it to go with a 6.0 LS. I have everything I would have needed to bolt and wire it up and go including 4l60E trans, trans controller and speedo converter but I am going LS for future power upgrade abilities. I want to go twin turbo so I bought my already mildly built (460hp at the crank) 6.0 with about 9k miles on it complete with the entire wire harness and ecm for less than it would have cost me to convert the 350 to accept a turbo. The turbo setup is roughly the same cost between the two motors but needing a blow through carb and intake then trying to tune it to not explode on itself with turbos is very expensive. The LS on the other hand with handle the turbos and tuning is far easier with all of the sensors for the tuner to tell what is going on with the motor. I'm going t56 for my trans instead of an automatic as well. I've been daily driving a manual for most of my adult life and when I drive an auto it just doesn't seem right to me and I am constantly reaching for the clutch and shifter.
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