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Rookie Paint Questions

I've got a 66 C10 with the 536 Dark Aqua Poly paint. The remaining paint on the truck is original but not in very good condition. I've tried to hand polish it to get a good idea of the actual shade. I've never seen a truck this color in person and the online pics look like anything from darkish green to a medium dark blue. I do realize online pics can't or won't show true colors anyway.

Does paint type have anything to do with the actual true shade of the paint? If it's painted with a bc/cc will it still look like the original shade? I might be wrong but won't the gloss from the cc throw it off making the paint look different? I'm thinking an acrylic enamel might end up being closer to the actual factory shade. Also, with good paint coverage, the primer color shouldn't matter should it?

I'm not going back 100% original with the truck but I'd like the body to look as stock as it was in new condition in 66. Especially since this is considered a rare color for 66.

I've never painted a car before but I've got a friend who's done some non-metallic painting so I might try my hand while doing the firewall. I'm torn between using the original color from an online place in a spray can or buying a quart and using a spray gun with his assistance. He's leery since he's never sprayed metallic though.

After trying the firewall, I may try to spray it myself one panel at a time, or just biting the bullet and let someone like Maaco paint it. It's going to be as low budget as I can get by with as finances are tight.

Can you guys give me some thoughts and ideas? Oh yeah, as an added challenge to this, I don't have access to a paint booth and will probably be lucky if I can paint it in a garage … Hopefully I can get the firewall painted to see the actual shade of this color and go from there.

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Re: Rookie Paint Questions

I've seen where the color of primer has a effect on how the paint turns out...some of the pros say the same..
I've seen the maaco paint jobs turn out can save some money by doing the prep work yourself..
I've done several driveway paintjobs..but I always get bugs in it...
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Re: Rookie Paint Questions

CI believe you are correct in regard to BC / CC The color is never the same single stage urethane metallic is not that hard to spray as long as you’re consistent with your coverage have painted several cars in the driveway early in the morning when it is calm wet everything down to hold down any dust sum times you can get a decent paint job out of mako for a daily driver but their pain fades pretty fast it is just a bake on enamel they will paint it for less than you can buy the paint for so you know the quality of the material is on the lower end
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