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Member Interview


Manufacturer: Chevy
Year: 1963
Brakes: yup they work-no power brakes
Modifications: none
Steering: no power steering
Tire and Wheel Size: P215/75r15 is the tire size. I think the wheels are 16" 5 Lug.


Paint: was originally light blue. Now it's an ugly brown, and I definitely intent to restore it to it's original color.


Color: Brown
Material: Seats are cloth
Wiring: Rats Nest
Modifications: I couldn't tell you, there are still four buttons that I don't even know what they are for.
Stereo/Speakers/Amps: none just yet! Though it has a nifty 8-track paperweight!
Air Conditioning: Nope just a heater
Instrument Gauges: All gauges work! Praise the Lord


Cubic Inch: 230
Manufacturer: Chevy...?
Cylinder heads: Thar be 6 of them
Carburetor or Fuel Injection: Carburetor!


Automatic / Standard: Three on the tree column
Shifter type: Column
Drive Shaft: 2-Wheel Drive

Hello! My name is Colton, I'm 21 years of age. I grew up my whole life as a surfer in San Clemente California. I work as a Valet for a high rated resort. When I'm not working I'm fixing my truck or I'm surfing. I am going to school for auto mechanics and welding as of this coming fall of 2014 where I aspire to make a career restoring old cars.

I bought my truck this past April. Being raised in a family that thrives on 50's and 60's music and surfing at San Onofre beach, I have always had a heart for the style back then. Personally I wish I lived in that time, and since time travel isn't exactly possible yet, restoring old cars makes me feel like I'm living I. That time.

I chose the c10 because the chevy pickups in the early 60's look much greater than the fords of that time, and it would be a great looking truck with surfboards on the back. All my intentions with this truck are to restore it and use it as a learning experience to work on my future old car projects.
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