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Old member, 1st post about a project

Been a member since about 09-10. Bought my Dad a shortbed 72(I think, has front disc brakes) short bed Chevy back in 1980 for $500 as a project for him. He promptly pulled the walkaway and bed and sat them all in the barn. He just turned 88 and finally admitted he wasn't going to get to this project. Lol. He was actively building kitchen cabinets up until this past winter. He just seems to have given up, not sick or anything, but just no ambition to do much like he always has. So I cornered him about this truck and he finally said to go ahead. That's a big step forward as my Dad is one of those guys you just don't mess with his stuff, lol. I'm hoping to get this project rolling along and maybe get him interested in participating in some way. Here's a few pics. I just pulled it out of the barn a couple nights ago. Valve stems fell right off when I attempted to air the tires up. It was packed in there so tight I couldn't pull a wheel. Surprisingly, the frame is surface rusted but still very solid. The cab is actually better than I figured it would be as well. There's a 72 lwb 3/4 ton still in the barn that has a much nicer cab. It might go on this truck, not sure yet. Both are A/C cabs. I know it looks more like a parts truck than a project, but I'm going to start by getting it all disassembled and get the frame and suspension parts all blasted, painted up and start reassembly of the chassis probably over the winter. Bed is not too bad, needs bedsides as the wheel well lips are rusted out. Walkaway is pretty nice as well. Truck shows 11,000 miles so I'm sure it was 111,000 and it was off road in 79 due to bad motor and tranny. I drove it home back in 80, tranny slipping and motor barely running. I've been following the builds you guys do on here for years but haven't decided which way we are going to go. My Dad would be happy to just go original on things I'm sure. I'm more inclined to go the LS swap route, especially with this engine and tranny being junk. We'll see. Anyways, it feels good to finally be able to add a project to this forum.
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Re: Old member, 1st post about a project

Nice. My grandpa is 85 and is restoring a 84 ford 4x4. He will come to my house and watch me work on my 65 I am on my 4th one. About the 2nd truck he decided he want to restore a truck. Keeps him busy. I know LS is good and all but I am a carb guy. You should build up a good 350 and have the transmission rebuilt. Just my 2 cents worth.
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