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What's a good shock for my 72 c20 leaf spring truck?

Hey guys

I would like to keep the rear leaf height in my 1972 c20 but I would like some better shocks to smooth out the ride. I will be removing the overloads but want to run 265s or 285s. Any help would be appreciated. Also would like suggestions on springs to level it out. TIA
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Mike C
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Re: What's a good shock for my 72 c20 leaf spring truck?

Your response rate should go way up if you can get a mod to move this to correct forum.

My experience is that a stock replacement shock works fairly well. But Bilsteins are worth the money if you are planning to keep the truck for a long time. They have a lifetime warranty.

My own experience with leaf spring trucks is unloaded they are over sprung. I suggest running your tire pressure down to match the load of the unloaded bed. 25-28 psi should be more than enough. If you load up, then add air pressure to the tires.

Google is your friend in figuring out the pressure that is appropriate.

Another option if you are removing the overload might be to find a set of C10 leafs and keep the overload on them.
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