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Re: Trikebent's 40/46 Project

The stock steering wheel/box were removed by the PO. I'll be using a Mustang II non power front end/steering. I'd like to use a stock steering wheel and possible a van column without the ignition switch. What does it take to mount a 40-46 wheel on a column like that?
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Re: Trikebent's 40/46 Project

quite a bit actually. the 46 was the last year that mounted with a woodruff key. in 47 they switched to the splines that they used all the way through the 2000s. so if you had a 47 wheel, it would bolt right on the van column. the way it is though you would need to add the splines. if it were me I would probably use a hole saw and cut the steel center out of later wheel keeping the spines and the horn pass through intact, then cut the center of the 46 wheel, and have someone with a tig welder weld them together for me.

but it doesnt end there, the early wheels dont fit the van column in diameter either, so you would need to add a cosmetic piece to cover the gap. its not impossible, some guys have done it on the 47-53 side of things. I really prefer the 41-46 three spoke to the 47-53 three spoke so I would try to keep it too.
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