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K5 prices and crew cabs

I always thought crew cabs were more desirable. I remember them selling for big bucks. I found a 4x4 one for $6500 when I ask the guy about trading for ls swap 75 k5 he thought I was nuts lol I never thought about what my blazer is worth. What's your guys view on it
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Re: K5 prices and crew cabs

Years ago crews were more desirable, but as 1/2 ton crews hit the lower end market they have dropped. Where as a nice K5 still has no competition in the later market straight axle crowd. The Bronco has TTB which is a wedge issue for alot of guys.
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Re: K5 prices and crew cabs

Crew cabs have really gone up over the last three years or so. Up to then you could pick up a decent unmolested truck for $1500-ish. There was one here locally that had already been shortened and lowered that sat on CL for sale for around a year at that price. Their popularity has gone up and there's much less of them out there compared to K5's. I wouldn't say one is inherently more valuable than the other though, that's up to the buyer. I'd trade either way.

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Re: K5 prices and crew cabs

Stay firm on the Crewcab and you will be ahead of the game in the long run if that is the truck you really want to own (IMHO). The question becomes, are you leading or following the pack.

I purchased a 1986 K30, Crew, SRW in 2008 for $5,000 off ebay, that same truck today would go for $12,000-$15,000 Good investment? Maybe? But the reason for the purchase was not to look like all the other truck and Blazer owners out there.

In talking with a bunch of other car/truck guys, I'm hearing to new trend is for something different which is good for me since in the garage is a 1963 Triumph Herald, 1962 Ford Galaxie/Conv 4-speed, 1968 International Travelall and the 1986 K30/CC/SRW along with my 1988 Suburban V1500(DD).

Be different my friend, nothing better than a real nice old school square body crew going down the road!
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