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Cool Bad ICM the culprit?

I've been tinkering with the c10 mechanical side, timing, new battery. I tried to start it the other day, kept cranking but wouldn't start.
I redid the timing bringing it to tdc, pulled the distributor put a coil I had laying around, tried that one and smelled something like burnt plastic. Took it out, put the other coil back in installed a brand new icm I had for a few years, now I turn the key everything works cluster, headlights, electric fuel pump but try to start and nothing. I dropped the starter tested it with a battery works fine. Can an icm be brand new and not function, I did use heat sink compound on distributor base and icm.
Anyway to test an icm out of the vehicle, checked the pick up coil when I had the distributor out its intact.
I also bottle tested the fuel pump and it half filled a 2 liter bottle in a short time.

'84 c10 350 hei street fire distributior and 3 years old but was working fine a few months ago.

As always thanks in advance for your time and advice it is greatly appreciated!
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