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more 68 suburban front axle questions

I went over to look at that 68 4x4 suburban again to see if I could find out why the leaf springs didn't line up with the rear shackles (see yesterdays 68 suburban post). I measured 29" at the front spring mount from inside of leaf on pass. side to inside of leaf on driver side. I also got the same 29" measurement at the spring perches on the '79 front axle. I then measured the distance between the leaf springs at the rear shackles and got 29". The problem is the measurement between the rear upper shackle mounting points which only have 27.250" between them. Thus the reason the driver's side shackle is bent out. If anyone has the time to crawl under their truck (67-68) and measure the distance between their leaf springs at the same points I did, it would be greatly appreciated so I can figure out what my problem is here.
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Wonder if the frame is bent. My 70 shortbed is approx 291/2 in. between those points.
Its hard to tell because this where the 4x4 and 4x2 frames differ. Best I can remember the 4x2 frames are parallel through here. The 4x4 frames are narrower where the engine mounts, then spread out. By the time it gets to the rear shackle mounts it should be parallel all the way back.
Hope this helps.

Edited for clarity, I hope.
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