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Preference between Dephi and ACDelco fuel pumps?

Prolly going to swap out fuel pump assemblies on wifes DD '05 Yukon Denali. Anybody have a preference between the two? I assume both have the level sensor, but Delphi pumps appear imo to have a better built float level sensor-thoughts?
EDIT: Delphi not Dephi lol
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Re: Preference between Dephi and ACDelco fuel pumps?

Dephi makes tbe ac delco pumps last i was told but my locka dealer
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Re: Preference between Dephi and ACDelco fuel pumps?

I work at a small independent shop, we will only install delphi pumps, we put an aftermarket pump in and the car didn't make it a mile down the road and it died. Bad pump. In fact my pump went out about 2 months ago and I put a delphi in
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Re: Preference between Dephi and ACDelco fuel pumps?

I put a Delphi in my 89' K5. It was a little sensitive to the electrical path though. PO did some type of splice at the electrical connector to the pump. I had to re-pin the connector to make a more "solid" connection and got rid of the soldered wire connection.

No issue since repair.

I "think" AC Delco was subbed out at some point and built to "GM" specs...but still 3rd party. Don't know if that changed at some point, but definitely there are questions about a genuine AC Delco and subbed out AC Delco.

I'd go with the Delphi one.

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- Jeff

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