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Need help with part name

My 1970 Chevy Suburban was in an accident tonight (rear ended), and I'm trying to search for replacement parts, but I can't figure out what this part is called, or what to explain to a local repair shop to explain what needs to be done.

In the accident, the ends (12") of the rear frame were bent downwards, and the horizontal piece of sheet metal that forms the door sill of the barn doors was severely bent. THAT'S the part/area I'm trying to figure out how to explain - the sheet metal at the bottom of the barn doors. Can anyone help?

And if there's anyone in the Orange County, CA area who knows a good body place, I'm looking

sorry if this is rambly - I've been learning from y'all how to fix up my truck, so I don't know all the terminology yet. Thanks to whoever it was who posted how to replace the hood springs. Worked like a charm!

Thanks --jen

(you should have seen the other car that hit me.... 2010 Nissan... it was totalled, and impaled by the bicycle carrier)
1970 GMC Suburban C10 - barn doors.
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Re: Need help with part name

Welcome to the board.

That would be the barn door, rear door sill. There are some pictures of it in this thread (post # 112 & 117)

Also starting with post #46 it shows how he replaced the rear frame horns that were rusted.


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Re: Need help with part name

This is why I run a hitch all the time. Protection.

1971 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Build Thread
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Re: Need help with part name

Welcome Aboard! Sorry to hear of your misfortune. We would love to see some photos of your sweet Suburban.
Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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Re: Need help with part name

What a bummer...I have been looking into body and paint for my 72 k10 suburban so I cannot vouch personally at this point. I have heard good things about Lanzini in HB, South County Auto Body ( I am going there tomorrow) and Legacy in Mission Viejo. Good luck, and I don't know what that part is called but I think your explanation made sense.
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paul mora
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Re: Need help with part name

I live and and work with different shops in Huntington Beach. Lanzini’s shop is just two doors over and Foose is next door from us and there are several others close by. We get body work and paint From several shops. If you want to contact me about some shops pm me and i will sent you my Phone number.
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