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Re: Model Kits

I've bought a few kits just to collect. One was the Dodge Stealth Indy Official Car, because they ditched the idea of using it, figured it would be rare. But AMT popped a million of them, and the price is about one cent more than when I got it, so I built it. I would rather build than collect. The other problem, some tires melt plastic, Revell packaged the tires and plastic without bags, so when the tires set for a long time on the plastic, there is a reaction and the parts are ruined, so what's the point of calling a sealed kit valuable, when you open and find out, it's junk.

You asked about paint. Splash Paints can custom mix, send them the paint code via email, I sent a screenshot of the paint chip chart and specified which color. They have immediate turn around time, awesome service. The paint is ready to airbrush. I have not tried their primer yet, I got a bottle, or their two part clear coat. Tell them I sent you.
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Re: Model Kits

I get impatient and hate waiting for stuff lol. Used to be able to get to K-mart or Walmart and buy paint, but Kmart is gone and Wallyworld doesn't carry that stuff anymore. No decent hobby shops where I am, and what ones there are cater to RC or arts an crafts BS. I do have an airbrush, but have to paint downstairs and all the fumes eventually come upstairs. Just painted the 66 suburban model, when wet looked good, but once dried was all F'd up. Dunno what happened, now need to sand it down n do it again....
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Re: Model Kits

hey that's too bad about your paint on the sub b-rat..
instead of sanding, why not throw your sub in a container with some Super Clean. it will strip off the paint waaay easier than sanding. if the paint is stubborn, put it in a container of dot 3, between them it will come out like virgin plastic again.
and if i don't use my airbrush, i always use Krylon. good paint, lays down smooth. good luck on the next paint job
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Re: Model Kits

I've heard of the brake fluid, but not the Super Clean!! Can you use it more than once? What I've heard bout brake fluid, one time deal. The paint on the burb is smooth, it almost looks like it had a reaction with the plastic/paint. I washed it in hot soapy water, warmed the can up in hot water, shaked the **** outta it, so maybe the paint was old or something. I'll take it the shop where I got it, maybe he be nice and give me a new can.
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