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Posts: 2,625 you want gas struts on your barn doors?

I just finished mine. And after seeing how easy it was, I am ashamed at how long it took me to get it done. There is threads on here dedicated to putting gas struts on liftgates (clam shell doors), but I couldnt find anything with info on how to do it to barn doors, so here it is.

Part #'s and prices are at the very bottom of this post.

This project only takes about four steps and it will LITERALLY take you less than 30 minutes to do it. (if you had everything ready to go, you could have it done in 10)

Mine on the other hand, took about 4 weeks. But, I had to learn a few things and find the right parts to use. SO, you can learn from my experience.

So... I have a '70 Burb with the factory sliding mechanisms that hold the doors open. I've gotta say... I've hated these things from day 1. The first scratch I put on my Burb after it was painted was on the barn doors. I had them open and a big wind came along... slammed the right one first and then the left. (the opposite of how they are supposed to close) and it nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw my paint get screwed up. BUT OH WELL... old news.

STEP 1: Remove those old sliding mechanisms. Its simple. You need a medium sized Phillips screwdriver. There is 2 screws on each end (4 per slide-8 total)

To read the entire FAQ and discussion on this topic go here-
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