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Vibration, driveline not center, and wheel measurements off?

Hello my trusty forum guys/braniacs all things Chevy c10's! Another question to seek input on. After a long time of running the rear suspension sitting on the overload leaf springs, I found some 02 wrangler rear springs and set those in, thus lifting it back from the load leafs, and it dropped it from stock about 3" or so (no exact measurements taken.) With the drop spindles in front, and some chopped springs, it was raked like a dirty hooker on Saturday night. So, I leveled it out a bit by putting some uncut springs back in the front. Here is where my issues have begun.

I now notice something like a vibration, or shudder possibly, during a low speed takeoff from a stop. I know that driveline angle can affect things like that, and always needs to be considered when doing any drop, lift on suspension. Another thing I noticed, is after these adjustments, my driveline looks to be closer to the driver side of the trailing arm crossmember hole, and measuring the rear to front tire, it looks like the driver side is 1/2" shorter.... My question is, are all of things connected, should I shim the axle in the back with such little drop, and am I risking damage to my Bruce Jenner? Thank you guys so much!
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