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Brothers Lowering Springs

While Im reading through old threads Im not seeing whether or not the Brothers springs are any good. Im going to look at a 72 short bed tomorrow as a truck to drive while Im building my other truck. Lol.

Anyways Ive got most of what I need for a 6/4 or 5/4 drop. I have my choice of 3 or 5 rear springs to go with a set of 2 blocks if I choose to install. Im not planning in a c-notch at this time as Im just trying to get a decent driver in the road. Ive got drop shocks and most of a Porterbuilt trac-bar. I just need to get an upper bracket from them.

Main question is how is the quality of Brothers drop springs? I see where their 2 fronts are $88 vs ECEs at $114. This is an extreme busdget build but if the ECEs are worth the extra $26 Ill go that route. For the record Im more than likely going with McGaughys drop spindles.
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Re: Brothers Lowering Springs

Dont know what year .keep your working on but I think they work 63-87? Anyway don't know if your interested in a 3 inch drop springs? I have a new in the box set that I am not going to use. Came from western chassis. If you are I'll let them go to you for a song and dance deal. They are for a 73-87 front end on my 65. No biggie if they are too low.
To answer your question I would bet brothers are fine and I would bet many are just the same but sold by everyone. Speedway is cheap and hotchkis and beltech are more money but have more choices on the rate. Could call Eaton or apparently there are more manufacturers of springs that you can get what you want. Let me know thanks charlie
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