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How did I strip this shock mount?

Where did I go wrong?

72 3/4 ton, rear upper shock mount nut (leaf spring). Took the torque spec from this post:
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Upper shock mount is 7/16-20. Torque specs for that bolt size are about half the spec above. See
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I completely stripped the upper shock mount stud before I got anywhere near 140ft-lbs. (see attached pic)

Is the GM spec just plain wrong? Should I just be going with the spec-by-bolt-size instead?

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Re: How did I strip this shock mount?

in that first link you posted it says 65lb front and 140lb rear for leaf spring and 70 for coil spring......i would have thought they should be the same...I'm thinking 65-70 is plenty...140lb sounds like way to much for 7/16...
the 2nd link don't work...
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Re: How did I strip this shock mount?

It looks be referring to the shock mount to the frame and not the shock to the mount. They just get pulled up tight. The 58 is a much better number.
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