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70 LWB Fleetside ShopTruck

I have been an S10 guy since I was 16. Have owned 6 of them in various states of condition. I just purchased my first C10 and my plans are to make it into a shop truck/motorcycle hauler. I am going from the stock leaky 250, and putting in the latest 350 build I am pulling from my s10 blazer (it was fun, but can't justify usefulness at the moment).

I am here in the suspension section because I want to know if my plans sound right, and get more direction.

I want to lower the front using 2.5" spindles, while upgrading to power steering and brakes. Also I will likely add discs up front as long as they don't interfere with the 15"steelies with poverty caps.

Out back I want to remove the heavy duty leaf, and put in the 2" blocks. I would also like to replace the rear coils with bags. I don't want to drag or lay frame. I want to use the bag to lower the rear to lessen the angle for a motorcycle to drive up an 8 ft ramp into the bed. I also want the bags to be able to load level if I am pulling a trailer as well.

What kinds of issues do I need to keep an eye out for when doing this? I know that c-notches are a necessity.
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Mike C
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Re: 70 LWB Fleetside ShopTruck

There are no drop spindles for drums. You don’t need a c-notch with less than 6-7” rear drop (mine is leaf spring flipped rear for 7” drop and no notch). Personally, bags not worth the hassle/expense especially for what you want. Backup to a curb. Static drop makes WAY more sense all way around for price and utility IMO. Pull the overloads and run 4” drop spring in rear, no blocks needed. 2 1/2” Front 4” rear a good combo.
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Re: 70 LWB Fleetside ShopTruck

Thanks for the reply. I was uncertain if swapping to discs was required. I should know this week if I have the correct wheels for disc brakes.

As far as the back, I will still likely go with bags and a notch to get it down further. I have 2 Harleys and the smaller of the two sits very low, and drags going into my garage. The lower I can kneel that back end to lessen the angle for loading, will help me in the end. Also being able to adjust the suspension depending on the load, seems to be a big incentive to deal with any problems. The way a certain number of our trucks are designed from the factory with trailing arms and coils eliminates a lot of the design issues associated with converting a leaf sprung truck.
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